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Parent/Guardian Contact Details

PLEASE NOTE: the majority of Academy correspondence will go to the 'Parent Email' please enter an email address you monitor frequently and ensure the spelling is correct. 

Medical Details

Sport Information


I am applying for a position into the Hunter Academy of Sport. If selected, I agree to fulfill all obligations to the Academy Program
I have read and understand the information provided for this program and give my child/ward permission to apply for a position in the Hunter Academy of Sport Program
If a selection trial has been set and you are unable to attend, please provide your reason for non-attendance below and send HAS relevant documentation (i.e. medical certficate for injury/illness).

I give consent to the Hunter Academy of Sport to use my name/child's name, photograph and video on the Hunter Academy of Sport website, promotional materials and media releases provided by the Hunter Academy of Sport. I also allow Hunter Academy of Sport's major partners, corporate and governemnt, to use my name & image for any related marketing and promotional activities.

Usage of Players Names, Photographs and Video Clips

Due to the current legislation relating to Player Protection it has become necessary to seek Parental/Player permission for the usage of Player photographs and names on websites, print, verbal or visual media. The Hunter Academy of Sport likes to promote all of its sporting programs as well as recognise the achievements of participants of Academy events. We understand that people like to see their name and photo on websites, newspapers and television, but we are also aware of the implications that this can have on individuals and their families. As a result it is mandatory that the section above be completed. Any decision prohibiting the Player's name or image will be respected by the Hunter Academy of Sport under the Player's Protection and Privacy Laws.