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The 2020/21 Program is currently running. Nominations for the 2021/22 Netball Program will open in Oct/Nov- Stay tuned


Coaching Staff: Christine Whitehead & Sarah Bain


Netball NSW (NNSW) is committed to supporting umpires in their development by providing opportunities to increase their knowledge; gain experience; and develop and extend their personal attributes and competencies. NNSW will support the Regional Academies of Sport (RAS) for the development and support of pre-elite netball umpires.


The purpose of the program is to:

  • Provide a training environment that allows the pre-elite umpires the opportunity to access quality services and programs as they progress through the NNSW Umpire pathway.
  • Implement the NNSW Umpire program, as set by NNSW in conjunction with the Netball Australia (NA) Umpire pathway.
  • Prepare umpires for National badge accreditation awards.
  • Provide umpire education and promote continuous improvement to develop the regions umpires.

Academy Program

As an integral component of the NNSW Umpire pathway, HAS will deliver a program that supports identified talented umpires to access quality education and development opportunities delivered by professional and specialised service providers in a well-managed, monitored and controlled environment.

The HAS Umpire program will consist of on court & in field training, fitness program and education.

Athlete Eligibility

Umpires must be from within the Hunter Academy of Sport (HAS) catchment area and meet minimum pre-requisite of:

  • Be aged between 14-20 years of age in the year of the program
  • Be working towards a National C or B badge
  • Associations must sign off on umpire applications
  • Display the potential to progress through the NNSW & NA Umpire pathway
  • Demonstrate a dedication to improving performance

Program Outline (Draft)

  • Fitness Testing Sessions
  • On Court Training Sessions
  • Education sessions in conjunction with the 2019/2020 Netball squad
  • State League Netball Competition *
  • Your Local Club Academy Games **
  • NSW Netball Regional Academy Camp TBC ***

* Please note State League dates aren't realised until early 2019. (State League coaching for umpires participating at State League games, umpires not participating can attend to observe).

**  All umpires will be required to attend each session, however, a limited number of umpires may be selected to attend the Academy Games. This decision will be under the discretion of the coach

*** NSW Regional Academy Netball Camp subject to Netball NSW dates and confirmation

Program Cost

A program levy will be applicable to successful athletes and a uniform levy will also be applicable (inc. GST).

2020/21 Hunter Academy of Sport Netball Umpire Program

Kimberley Clement
Georgia Haines
Claire Howe
Katelyn Matuszny
Grace Melnik
Emily Milton
Hayley Passmore 
Jessica Rumbel
Chloe Skinner
Ellie Taylor
Georgia Walkerden
Chelsea Webb