Mountain Bike

This program is supported by:          

   AusCycling NSW

The 2022 Program is currently running


Athlete Eligibility

  • Athletes in the following Cycling NSW Age groups:
    • U15s (Born in 2007 & 2008)
    • U17s (Born in 2005 & 2006)
    • U19s (Born in 2003 & 2004)
  • Athletes must be a gold license holder of AusCycling
  • Reside within the Hunter Region
  • Attend School within the Hunter Region
  • Registered with a Local Club/Association
  • Athletes will be identified based on cycling performances over the last 12 months. This includes, but is not limited to identification at the Glencore Hunter Schools Team Championships on Friday 10th December 2021. To Enter this race day, please visit:


Athlete Benefits

The following benefits will apply to those selected in the program:

  • Training Sessions to Further Develop Skills
  • Access to a Network of Specialised Coaches
  • Athlete Education in Topics such as Nutrition and Sport Psychology
  • Strength and Conditioning Coaching and Program
  • Competition and Development Opportunities through targeted events
  • Regional Inter-Academy training days TBC



A program and uniform levy will be applicable to selected athletes. 



The Mountain Bike program will join a number of successful Hunter Academy of Sport Programs working in partnership with the relevant State Sporting Organisation to provide a talent program progressing athletes through Levels T1-T4 on the FTEM athlete development pathway (pictured below). More information on the FTEM Athlete Framwork NSW can be found HERE


FTEM Model 2020