High Performance Strength and Conditioning



Enhancing Pinnacle Performance One Session at a Time.


The High Performance Strength and Conditioning program emphasises long term athlete development and education to produce the best conditioning practice for the athlete. We manage athletes across multiple sport disciplines, all of whom are aiming to progress in their chosen sporting pathway.


The program incorporates functional testing, movement screening, athlete conditioning and training load management to provide a holistic approach and a service that is individually suited to promoting enhanced athletic development and a transferal effect for improved sports performance.


The training package is setup to provide each athlete with an all-encompassing service, where all necessary aspects of strength and conditioning are incorporated into a month by month package including:

  • One, two or three face to face sessions per week.

  • Detailed periodised (annual) plan

  • Day by day planning for each training block (2 to 6 weeks)

  • Exercise program upgrades every training block (2 to 6 weeks)

  • Exercise prescription for low/moderate/high level conditioning, preparation and activation, functional mobility and recovery sessions.

  • Access to the Visual Coaching Professional (VCP) software to access all exercise programs.

  • Statistical analysis of training loads/ strains/ monotony/ fatigue/ training peaks

  • Functional testing, power/speed/endurance testing on scheduled testing days with use of GYMAWARE Powertool, speed and agility timing lights, indoor running track, lifting platforms.

  • Coach liaison with sports skill coaches


Program Eligibility

  • Athletes need to demonstrate potential for growth in their chosen sport and should be aiming for or hold current selection in State/National teams or similar in their sporting pathway

  • Athletes will be invited into the High Performance S&C program under the direction and working closely with the relevant National and State Sporting Organisations (Eg. Cycling NSW, Skateboarding Australia, Tennis NSW etc) where specific programs are tailored.

Alternatively, athletes can apply through submitting an expression of interest (EOI) where they must submit times/selection achievement information which will be assessed on a case by case basis along with pre-screening results from Innovate Sport Specific Conditioning. 


  • Athlete ages: 13 – 25 Years of Age (NB: athletes outside of this age group will be assessed on a case by case basis)

  • Athletes from all sports can apply, you do not have to be part of a current HAS program to apply for the High Performance Strength and Conditioning Program


Program Calendar

The program runs in a calendar year: January – December where athletes attend weekly face to face gym sessions, completing their personalised program in small groups of 6-8 people per session time.


Training Program Package Fees:

  • 4 sessions per month (average 1 per week) – $260.00 per month

  • 8 sessions per month (average 2 per week) – $275.00 per month

  • 12 sessions per month (average 3 per week) – $295.00 per month


Training Program Discounts:

A discount can be provided for athletes who wish to pay fees in advance:

  • 6 Month Membership (services paid upfront for a 6-month period) – 10% discount

  • Hunter Academy of Sport (HAS) Athlete - 10% discount

NB: Discounts apply to training program packages only and do not apply to additional services provided.