Hunter Region Sporting Hall of Fame

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Nominations for the 2022 intake will open in June - check back on this page for more information closer to this date. 


The Hunter Region Sporting Hall of Fame is made up of over 350 top athletes who have represented Australia or competed in an international tournament and were born and/or played in the Hunter region at the junior or senior level.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic at time of event, the 2020 and now 2021 event was unable to be held. The following athletes will be recognized and receive the elite honour of being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Those to be inducted are: 


Judith Tynan - Touch Football; 

Roy Urpeth - Speedway Racing; 

Karyne Di Marco (nee Perkins) - Track & Field (Hammer Throw);

 Bob (Robert) Schroder * - Sailing; 

Paul Geale - Speedway Racing;

 Amanda Bradley - Ten Pin Bowling; 

Jack Pearce* - Speedway Side Car; 



Adam Clarke - Speedway;

Shaun Swadling - Trampoline;

Anthony Peden - Cycling;

Corey Brown - Jockey;

Craig Bird - Aussie Rules;

Luke Egan - Surfing;

Henry Maunder* - Football;

Tonny Jensen - Basketball;

Ben Behrends*- Surf Boat Rowing;

Bill Behrends*- Surf Boat Rowing   







1992-2020 Induction List HoF





Compulsory Requirements (Nominees must meet ALL of the following):

  • Persons nominated must have represented Australia as an athlete or served as an appointed official at a national/international event 
  • Performances must be authorised events, ie. Contests endorsed by the Australian and International organisations controlling that particular sport.  
  • Nominees shall have completed their active participation and retired from top level competition.  
  • Nominees must have been born in the Hunter Region, have competed for a Hunter team/association or served as an official in a Hunter event before gaining honours elsewhere.  

Hunter Region includes the following town councils: 



Mid Coast 

Lake Macquarie 




Port Stephens  


Upper Hunter  


Exceptional Cases:  

  • A sporting career that is widely recognised throughout Australia as outstanding will be considered a valid criterion. For example, AFL Football as a team sport unique to Australia provides no opportunity for international or individual championship honours but would be considered.  Harness & Horse racing would also fall into this category. 
  • Won a recognised Open Australian Championship, or a World Championship, representing an Australian State or region 
  • The Committee reserves the right to consider individuals who do not meet the specific criteria for selection but whose sporting achievements are of such national and/or international significance to warrant inclusion – special resolution needing a 75% acceptance. 
  • Decisions of the Hunter Region Sporting Hall of Fame Committee are final. All selections of Inductees into The Hunter Region Sporting Hall of Fame shall be made at the discretion of the Committee. 
  • Unsuccessful applicants may be nominated for a second time for further consideration 
  • The Hunter Region Sporting Hall of Fame Committee has the power to nominate inductees


Important Note Regarding Nominations

To give your nomination the best chance of succeeding please make sure that you have completed the following:  

  • Your nominee has met the requirements set out in the guidelines above;
  • The nomination form is filled out completely and correctly; 
  • The appropriate sporting branch or association current or otherwise is notified;
  • A biography on the nominee is included in this form.  This should include some history on the nominee both personal and sporting. 
  • As much other information as possible including news clippings, photos, letters, certificates, anything else you might think to be appropriate should be emailed to This includes:
    • Olympic or International Record (if applicable) AND/OR  
    • Commonwealth Record (if applicable) AND/OR  
    • Australian Record (if applicable) AND/OR 
    • Other Statistics and Sporting Achievements AND/OR 
    • News clippings, other photos, letters, certificates, etc.