Future Stars



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The Future Stars program exists to provide future development opportunities and support for aspiring athletes from within the NSW Hunter region.


Athletes from all sports can apply, whether it is a Hunter Academy partnered sport program or not. (It’s worth noting if you are in a current Hunter Academy Program an athlete may choose to apply for this program on top of the existing program). This is a multi-sport athlete development program aimed at growing the athletes overall abilities and education away from the field of competition. An individual focus on Sports Science, Functional movement screening, sports psychology, goal setting and sports nutrition are key components of the program. The aim is to provide expert and professional support to compliment the athletes “home coach”.The program will not train the athlete in his/her discipline but rather provide holistic athlete wellness and sports science support outside of their everyday skill training.

Individual Benefits

It should be noted that this program has a real focus on the individual, our aim is to specialise the level of support the athletes receives and that it is tailored to each person. The program will be developed per individual, but broad topics include:

Strength & Conditioning

  • 2 month program incorporating 2 sessions per week face to face (16 total over 8 weeks)
  • Access to visual coaching professional (VCP) exercise programming software
  • Initial individual functional assessment
  • Ongoing testing during training sessions (strength / power / speed / mobility / etc)
  • Use of technology: power tool, push bands, timing lights, video analysis
  • Additional programming and ongoing individual strength plan for external training sessions (preparation / recovery / alternate S&C sessions)

Sport Psychology

  • Topic that potentially can be covered for the individual include:
  • Confidence- Develop the ability to believe in yourself.
  • Concentration - Learn how to focus on the right thing at the right time
  • Pressure and Anxiety / Dealing with injuries & disappointments - Learn how to put things in perspective and deal with the pressures and expectations of sport.
  • Motivation and Goal Setting. Step by step guide to achieving your goal
  • Mental Preparation for Competition / Burnout- What is it and how can I prevent it?
  • Mental rehearsal and relaxation how to use it to improve your performance

Sports Nutrition

Include individual assessments and a food diary creation that suits the individuals requirements based on body shape and fuel requirements. General discussions with our dietician can also cover:

  • Meal Planning
  • Importance of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks (including examples)
  • Identifying Nutrients within sample meals 
  • Weekly Meal Planning Activity (including planning training)
  • Sports Nutrition Education
  • Pre, During and Post Training / Game Nutrition
  • Supplement Education
  • Potential sampling of products for around training/game
  • Identifying training / game day nutrition plans
  • Recovery & Snacks Workshop
  • Practical: Smoothie Bar, Protein / Bliss Balls and Snack making
  • Pre vs Post Snacks
  • Possibilities for Supermarket Tours and/or Cooking Classes
  • Practical: Tour of Supermarket
  • Label Reading (looking at sugars/fats/fibre/protein in foods)
  • Activities to complete in session – to identify best choices of different foods
  • Cooking Practical: Make entrée, main & dessert (between the 35 athletes)
  • Quick, easy, simple – sit down and eat together
  • Discuss nutritional value of meals, education follow up, Q&A

Selection Process


Athletes will be assessed against 3 broad criteria:

  • Achievement at a Regional/State/National level relative to the athlete’s chosen sport
  • Endorsement from A Regional Academy / State Sporting Organisation or National Sporting Organisation
  • Case by case assessment on potential talent and pathway progression


  • Athletes must be representing their chosen sport at a required pre-elite level (regional / state / national representation)
  • Athletes must be aged between 12 & 25 years of age 
  • Athletes must reside within the Hunter Region of NSW
  • Athletes must show a desire to improve and progress in their chosen sport’s elite athlete pathway




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