This program is supported by:


Newcastle Baseball


Nominations for the 2022/23 program have now closed. 


Program Coordinators: Ian Hook & Chris Brown


The Hunter Academy of Sport Baseball Talent Development program, in partnership with Newcastle Baseball aims to identify, develop and provide pathways to athletes in the Hunter Region. This baseball program includes performance support including strength and conditioning testing & programs, nutrition and sports psychology support. The focus is to develop the athlete holistically with sessions away from the diamond as well as training sessions for skill development.

Athlete Benefits

The following benefits will apply to those selected in the program:

  • Weekly Intensive Training environment (October – February)
  • Targeted Strength & Conditioning Testing
  • S&C Home programs
  • Nutrition and Hydration Advice
  • Sport Psychology education
  • Strength and Conditioning Fitness Program
  • Access to recommended HAS providers such as Physiotherapy, Chiropractors & Podiatry
  • Access to further online education modules


Athlete selection will be performance based and invitations will be sent to identified athletes within the Hunter Region. To submit an expression of interest, please complete our online contact form and outline your interest in the Baseball program, along with your experience HERE


A program levy will be applicable to successful athletes.