Hunter Academy of Sport

Hunter Academy of Sport Corporate Profile


The Hunter Academy of Sport (HAS) was formed after an initial meeting on the 21st of January, 1987, between a panel of government, university, councils, community, science and sporting representatives and since its launch in 1988 the Hunter Academy of Sport has successfully developed various aspects of regional sport.

Since that historical meeting in 1987 and the functional commencement of the Academy in 1988, sports talent development programs, training camps, clinics and national congresses have highlighted a very busy and active Academy program.

The Hunter Academy of Sport is one of eleven sport academies assisting talented junior athletes from regional areas of NSW. NSW Regional Academies of Sport map

The Academy is charged with three major objectives:

  1. To identify regional talent
  2. To educate and develop youth in the region
  3. To provide opportunity

Areas of education could include coaching, injury management and treatment, fitness testing and training, sport psychology, dental and eye care, public speaking, ethics in sport, nutrition and personal development.

Although the Hunter Academy of Sport has been very successful in assisting the development of the region’s sporting talent over the past twenty plus years, the board looks forward to further progress and development in the future.

Many HAS athletes have gone on to represent at a national or state level in their chosen sports.


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F.T.E.M. model adopted by Australian Sports in defining High performance pathways

The Regional Academy of Sport Collective are commissioned by many to operate in the T (Talent) section of the pathway moving athletes from T1 to T4.