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Program Coordinator: Ellen Gordon


The HAS tennis program is closely aligned with Northumberland Region Tennis/Tennis NSW and will act as a stepping stone for athletes to make the transition between being a successful club and school athlete, to that of a senior athlete who will be part of experiences such as, state and national representative teams, and state and national competition. It is part of a broader group of regional academies that would serve a similar purpose, helping feed talent development programs at a state and national level.


Athlete Benefits

The following benefits will apply to those selected in the program:

  • training sessions to further develop skills;
  • targeted event competition; NSW Country Championships;
  • access to a network of specialised coaches;
  • personal development/athlete education sessions
  • strength & conditioning/FMS program.


Athlete Uniform

Each athlete will be outfitted with a polo, playing shirt, shorts or skort. All uniform items are compulsory and are to be worn at all squad sessions (training and educational) and are to be worn at tournaments and events. If re-selected, returning athletes are not required to purchase new items.



  • Age group: 11-17 years (born between 2000-2006);
  • Both male and female;
  • Reside* within the Hunter Region and **Northumberland Region;
  • Attend school within the Hunter Region/Northumberland Region;
  • Financial member/registered with Tennis NSW;
  • Currently competing at regional level


* If you reside outside of the Hunter Region/Northumberland Region and your regional academy does not offer a tennis program, you are eligible to apply for the HAS program.

** Northumberland Region covers the area from Gosford through to the Upper Hunter Region and Dungog.


Compulsory Tournament*

  • NSW Country Championships, Forster. June 30 – July 7  2017 (7 day meet)

*If successful in gaining selection, you must participate in the above tournament. $150 rebate will be provided to each athlete after their attendance at this tournament.



The cost for the program is $225 per athlete (including uniform). This does not cover tournament costs (inc. GST).



Enquire HERE for next year's program. 


This program is proudly supported by Tennis NSW Northumberland Region.