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The 2019 Program is currently running. 


Program Coordinator: Ellen Gordon


Please note that the 2019 Tennis squad will no longer be managed by a nominations process, but instead athletes will be selected by invitation only in consultation with Tennis NSW (Northumberland District). 


The HAS tennis program is closely aligned with Northumberland Region Tennis/Tennis NSW and will act as a stepping stone for athletes to make the transition between being a successful club and school athlete, to that of a senior athlete who will be part of experiences such as, state and national representative teams, and state and national competition. It is part of a broader group of regional academies that would serve a similar purpose, helping feed talent development programs at a state and national level.


2019 Tennis Squad

Tylah Nicholls
Alexa Page
Sahla Nita Mcelwaine
Mia Tonga
Lleyton Richards
Frederic Heslin
Mitchell Hamilton
Isaac Elson
William Irvine