Harness Racing Driving

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Program Coordinator: Daryll Jackson


A pathway program for high performance including healthy lifestyle and integrity has been created utilising the Regional Academies of Sport (RAS) in partnership with various venues and facilities around the state. At present the mini-trots program assists children aged 5-17 and focuses on education for riding safety and welfare, an Academy program would be those new to competitive driving and have been identified as possible talented drivers aged 14-18 in the pre-elite category. The main focus of the Academy program is to create junior development to educate off-track, or out-of-racing.


A pilot program has been identified for the Hunter Region, and given success the aim is to roll out very quickly in other key areas/regions of the state.


The program will consist of two education sessions of 3-4 hours as follows (dates may change due to specialist availabilty):


Session One – Health & Wellbeing

Topics include:

  • Nutrition
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Fitness testing stage one
  • Social media, promotional advice and the pitfalls
  • Alcohol and Social drug advice
  • Sports psychology & goal setting


Session Two – Sports Prep and Racing Focus

Topics include:

  • Re-action times training and testing
  • Stewards advice and integrity of the sport
  • Key industry rules and Regulations
  • Media Training – on camera and radio speaking
  • Tactical driving theory
  • Animal Welfare

(Fitness testing – feedback, results and recommendations from stage one)


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