The baseball program is open to baseballers, both male and female aged 14 - 19 years 


The HAS baseball program is a stepping stone for athletes to make the transition between being a successful club and school athlete, to that of a senior athlete who will be part of experiences such as, State and National institutes of sport, State and National representative teams, and opportunities abroad following the FTEM Model of pathway development, from Foundation, Talent, Elite and Mastery of the sport.


Athlete Benefits

The following benefits will apply to those selected in the 2017 baseball program:

  • Training sessions to further develop skills;
  • Access to a network of specialised coaches;
  • Athlete education in topics such as: Nutririon, Sports Psychology, Motivation, Leadership and Load Management
  • Strength and conditioning coaching and Testing



To be eligible to apply for a position within the 2017 baseball program, athletes must be:

  • Males and females born in 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998
  • Reside* within the Hunter Region;
  • Attend school within the Hunter Region;
  • Financial member of Baseball NSW (registered with Association);

* If you reside outside of the Hunter Region and your regional academy does not offer a baseball program, you are eligible to apply for the HAS program.



A program & uniform levy will be applicable to successful athletes.


Former HAS athletes, Alexander & Lachlan Wells pictured with HAS coaches, Ian Hook (far left) and Stewart Bell (far right).

Both Alexander (middle right) & Lachlan have started their Major League Baseball careers since finishing at HAS; Alexander has signed with Baltimore Orioles & Lachlan has signed with Minnesota Twins. (picture taken 29/10/2015)