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The 2017/18 Athletics Program has finished. Please keep an eye on this page for information on the 2018/19 Program. 


Head Coach: Gerard Keating

Development Coach / Assistant Manager: Duan Daley

Sprints: Gerard Keating

Middle Distance: Hans Tiller

Long Distance: Scott Westcott

Mentor Coach: Max Debnam


The Hunter Academy of Sport Athletics Program has an endorsed partnership within the Athletics NSW athlete pathway.  Our program will help assist identified athletes to access quality technical and educational development opportunities delivered by professionals providing coaching, training and competition, facilities and support services to improve athlete development with a view to:

  • Identify talented athletes;

  • Enhance opportunities for selection into state development squads and state teams/ squads;

  • Increase the level of success of those athletes at competition and events;

  • Increase athlete exposure to sports science and personal development and education


Athlete Elegibility:

  • Athletes must reside in the Hunter Region

  • Athletes must be club membership holders of Athletics NSW

  • Born between 2006-1999

  • Committed to progressing to higher representation within track or field


The Hunter Academy Program will provide out of competition expert advice via specialist consultants as part of the RTTP (Regional NSW Targeted Talent Program), including but not limited to:

  • Nutrition

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Injury prevention, management and treatment advice

  • Technique

  • Social media training

  • Performance enhancing drug advice

  • Social drug & Alcohol advice


The Athletics program follows the FTEM Model of pathway development, from Foundation, Talent, Elite and Mastery of the sport:



The 2017/18 Athletics Squad


Eleanor Barnett
Tarli Black
Madison Bragg
Bernice de Jager
Ella Gilchrist
Cladia Hughes
Sienna Kinder
Eve Keeling
Torrie Lewis
Claudia  Martin 
Amara  Macpherson 
Keira McGregor
Ella Osborne
Abbey O'Toole
Brianna Panos
Aiva Pinches
Jemma Pollard
Finnegan Abbott
Joel Hartin
Lleyton Lloyd
Jaden Macpherson 
Leroy Reid
Hugh Sharman
Aidan  Mulder
Tom March
Lily  O’Callaghan
Bryce Webber
Benjamin Doran



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