1st: Hunter Academy of Sport
2nd: Central Coast Academy of Sport


RASi Convener: Ian Robilliard & Sallie Partridge

Local Coordinator: Trevor Gallacher

First Aid Officer: Sports Medicine Australia - Cameron Vigor, Level 2 Sports Trainer


Date: 27th, 28th & 29th April


Venue: Newcastle Basketball Stadium, Broadmeadow 


Competition Format: 4 x eight minute quarters, 2 min quarter time and 4 min half time. Each team will play in a round robin format allocated into two pools, four teams in each pool. Each round robin pool game will act as a points ranking, teams will be ranked 1 – 4 in each pool. Pool placings will lead to cross over semi-finals and a grand final. If teams are tided after the pool games, a count back (points for and against) between the team in question will applied, teams with the greater points differential to gain a higher rank. 


Rules: 4 x eight minute quarters fully timed, 2 min quarter time and 4 min half time. Playing of Zone defence is not permitted during the pool games,however can be used in all cross over games. A maximum of 2 time outs per game with 1 allowed in each half. Shot Clock—the shot clock rule will be applied as per U16 Basketball NSW Competitions. All other rules as per FIBA. These rules can be found HERE.