Saturday Results

Results from tag team event: 

1st: Hunter Academy of Sport B
2nd: Hunter Academy of Sport A
3rd: Illawarra Academy of Sport B 
4th: Illawarra Academy of Sport A


Sunday Results


1st: Dominic Thomas (HAS)

2nd: Ethan Hartge (HAS)

3rd: Oscar Salt (HAS)



1st: Darci Air (IAS)

2nd: Leila Salt (HAS)

3rd: Amelie Bourke (HAS)







RASi Convener: Andrew Barrett & Rebecca Neale

Local Coordinator: Dan Frodsham

First Aid Officer: Hunter Surf Life Saving


Date: Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th April


Venue: Saturday - 8.30am for 9am Start at Catherine Hill Bay;

Sunday 7.30am for 8am start at - South Bar Beach


Competition Format & Rules:


Saturday ONLY 

Your Local Club Academy Games will conduct the Surfing Coopetition under similar format and rules to Surfing Australia’s competition format for the nudie Australian Boardriders Battle Teams event.

  • Each Round 1 heat comprises of different Academy teams. Heat times will be at the discretion of the Head Judge and Contest Director.
  • Each team is made up of 4-5 surfers (pending final numbers).
  • Team surfers can be interchangeable at the start of a new round.
  • Each surfer can catch an unlimited number of waves until a successful wave is ridden – points will be calculated on 1 wave.
  • Each surfer’s wave will count towards the team total regardless of whether the surfer has returned to the change-over area to release the next surfer, if the match time allows.
  • At the end of the allotted heat time or when the surfer has completed his or her “set” the competing surfer is to return to the beach and enter the change-over zone before the next team surfer can be released.
  • Each team is to nominate a POWER SURFER prior to the beginning of their respective heat. The POWER SURFER CANNOT be surfer no.4 or 5 (depending on team numbers) in the team order list. The POWER SURFER is allowed to return to the water and surf 1 extra wave after all 5 surfers have completed their “set” of allotted waves. If caught within the allotted match time, the POWER SURFER’S wave will count towards the team total regardless of whether the POWER SURFER has returned to the change-over area.
  • A surfer from each Academy will be selected to “surf off” at the end of the day. Surfers will have 10 minutes to achieve their highest score possible from 1 wave.


Team Penalties


  • Surfer competes out of turn: Loss of 5 points.
  • Surfer breaks early outside of the change-over area: Loss of 5 points.
  • Team fails to catch wave limit within heat time, the final surfers of the team must be returned to the change-over area before the allocated ‘match time’ expires: Loss of 5 points.
  • Riding and paddling interferences: 
  • If it is best 1 wave - the interfering wave will be counted as a zero. The highest wave of the interfering surfer will be halved.
  • The surfer that was interfered with will receive an extra wave if wanted, and if the match time allows


*Penalty points are deducted from the team match total.


Sunday ONLY